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CEUS For Nurses

What counts as CEUS for nurses? The question arises every year, as more states require continuing education for nurses. Typically, the state that requires continuing education is New York, but other states, such as Michigan, require their nurses to take a specific course or have completed a certain amount of education on pain management. CEUs can also be obtained through other means. Many hospitals offer continuing education courses for free for their nurses, and you can usually find them at the union or large health care system.

In Kentucky, for example, nurses must complete 14 approved contact hours or another method of demonstrating competency. To complete the requirements, nurses must take a Shaken Baby Syndrome course on the prevention and recognition of pediatric abusive head trauma. The course is available to nurses licensed as of July 15, 2010. All nurses must take two hours of approved HIV/AIDS CE within three years. For example, if you are a licensed nurse in Kentucky as of July 15, 2010, you have until December 31, 2013 to complete the course.

Continuing education for nurses is an important part of staying afloat as a nurse. State boards of nursing oversee the requirements for nurses’ license and continue education. While most nurses are required to take Nursing CEUs every two years, many nurses find it helpful to take as many classes as possible. This can increase their earning potential and advance their careers. Listed below are some examples of classes that count as CEUs for nurses.

What Counts As CEUS For Nurses?

What counts as CEUs for nurses? If a continuing education program aims to improve a nurse’s skills, it will qualify. Courses must meet the criteria set forth by the Board. They must be advanced level. They must include courses in the physical sciences, such as anatomy and pathology, as well as the social sciences, including sociology and family studies. They must also be taught by a trained instructor other than a nurse.

Continuing education for nurses is an important part of keeping a nurse license in good standing. In order to renew your license, you must complete continuing education credit every two years. There are a variety of different options for getting these credits, but in general, you can obtain 30 CE hours by completing a board approved course. This way, you can avoid costly licensing exams and renew your license. Moreover, many programs can be found online, and you can get all the necessary CE for license renewal.

A nurse can practice nursing in more than one state. A nurse’s license is valid for the state where the nurse resides. This is known as the nurse’s home state. To practice nursing in the other state, a nurse can get a multi-state compact license. However, if a nurse holds a multi-state compact license for another state, they may still be able to work in New Jersey.

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