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An E-Zine is an online newsletter, sent by email, to the people on your marketing list. If you don’t have a marketing list, it’s hard to SEND an E-Zine and you’ll miss out on a whole list of functional marketing options. The key component here is building a list, and I can help you with that, but first, let’s break down all the reasons why you NEED an E-Zine.

1 – Invitation to bring people back

People will really forget about you, if you don’t INVITE them back to your site, or if you don’t have some way to connect with them to bring them back to your website. An E-Zine offers, at the very least, an ad feature that you can use every time you publish a blog post, telling people: Hey, come check out my latest informative blog post.

2 – Other source of income or income generation

Did you know you could sell ads for your E-Zine? People who are interested in what you offer may also be interested in other related business offerings, and those people will pay to advertise in a related publication. These can sell for as little as $10 – $15 per post, or as much as $2,000 per post. Yes, we build you a great list again!

3 – A means of distribution of informative articles

Informative articles and valuable content can be shared in your E-Zine, with links to your website. This drives traffic, generates revenue, and increases your website’s page rank. By creating an informational knowledge base about your industry on your website, you attract more customers who need information and gain new customers who want what you offer. Article marketing goes well with list building.

4 – Invitation to Participate in Promotions and Discounts

Adding a discount certificate or special pricing section to your E-Zine encourages buying customers to come back for a special offer. You send them a coupon in their email, for them to print, or not, and they bring their coupon to your business to get a great price on the items or services you sell. You’d think they won the lottery how quickly some of them come back for their 10% discount!

5 – Invitations to Events

Whether you’re participating in frequent flyer programs, annual special events and holidays, or just holding a random book signing at your local bookstore, you’ll want to share these details with your marketing list. More importantly, they will want to know. Grow a list of participating team members and share these details with them. If they’re on your list, it’s easy, just email them an update and let them know about your event.

Yes, you really need a list. Your list will help your business grow by giving you access through a permission-based ezine publishing service that helps you with the process of growing your list, reducing your list churn, and improving your outreach efforts. on your list.

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