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This is one of the biggest niches, but we have chosen it for several reasons: it is as old as the Internet; has been a steady money maker for affiliates; new customers are constantly entering the market; a wide and constantly renewed selection of ClickBank products; and incredibly high affiliate commissions.

Google Trends shows a steady supply of traffic, peaking in 2008 but with uninterrupted public interest thereafter, a clear indication of a market that isn’t going away anytime soon. The traffic is international and from markets as emerging as Asian countries that are just beginning to venture into online marketing. This is good news because these markets are “fresh” and haven’t gotten tired of the hype yet.

While the selection of lower competition keywords isn’t great, Google’s keyword reports suggest the ability to rank via “localized” long-tail keywords (such as “Portland, Maine internet marketing”). There are also a lot of low search volume keywords with moderate competition. But most importantly, list building has proven to be the preferred method of selling these types of products. This audience responds well to email marketing, and these strategies give you the opportunity to quickly capitalize on product launches. A clear indicator of the strength of this niche is the abundance of ClickBank products with very high commissions.

Think ClickBank Products

ClickBank’s products in this niche are almost too numerous to mention. You’ll also find a range of various products, including courses, software, reference guides, SEO tools, and recurring income products like monthly memberships. This range and volume of products is a good indicator of a very hungry market: customers who buy an Internet marketing product tend to buy more. For example, someone who buys a WordPress plugin will probably also buy a course on blogging and a keyword research tool. In fact, an entire category on the ClickBank Marketplace is dedicated to these products.

ClickBank E-Commerce and E-Marketing.

You will also find a selection of products with a strong track record below. The most important thing to remember is this: the commissions in this niche are the highest of any ClickBank product. Starting $/sale stands at $150 as we write this, and average $/sale hits $993, yes close to $1000. This means that even a small amount of traffic can generate huge profits.


  • Steady traffic and interest in this niche
  • Emerging Asian markets where the niche is still “fresh”
  • Great offer of ClickBank products
  • hungarian market; customers who buy products tend to buy more
  • Excellent relationship opportunity via email and social networks

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