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Why do people think we have to use the old slow and expensive strategies to build our network marketing business? We need a paradigm shift in our industry. We need to cleanse our brains of the outdated business building techniques that were used in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Why do we need a paradigm shift? In the decades I just mentioned, we didn’t have a mature internet to help us reach massive communities and promote ourselves online. So what did people do before us? They invited people into their homes, set up a white board, and began to draw circles. The house party was the fastest way to reach excited and eager new prospects.

I remember going to some of these parties when I was a teenager. My parents were invited to a few and when they closed the deal they went home excited by what they had just seen. Then my parents realized that they were going to have parties of the same type with presentations and they quickly changed their minds.

Many leaders in the network marketing industry have become rich doing these types of presentations. The downside of this type of growth was that it took time and a lot of presentations to see results. Then came the Internet.

The Internet was not immediately adopted by network marketers and is still frowned upon by some MLM companies today. As the 1990s turned into the new millennium, more new MLM distributors had to find a way to take advantage of this new internet phenomenon. Hence the term online marketing.

Online marketing has grown steadily. Some people have embraced it wholeheartedly and others have run from it. The marketer can take the Internet with all its interfaces and sprawling communities and build an organization super fast. The speed at which these teams are created has astonished even veteran networking gurus.

We are in dire need of a paradigm shift. Even though people are accepting, we should be totally engrossed with the development of the Internet. I see an Internet of the future that allows us to interact in real time with all our team members as if we were in their living rooms. White boards will have given way to airborne drag and drop boards.

If we can have gaming devices with hands-free mechanisms, we can have communities or virtual worlds for vendors. I know this is farsighted, but to stay alive in the marketing game, you have to think ahead. Open your mind to all the possibilities and you will never know what could happen next.

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