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Computer gaming “backup” is all about making a copy of your game that you can use and abuse, rather than putting your original game at risk. To do this, you just need to be able to copy the game to another disc and play it with your new disc. However, because many people have been illegally copying games, they have become extremely difficult to duplicate, which can be a problem. This tutorial will show you how to backup PC games.

what will you need

Before you begin, you’ll need several tools and equipment to support your games:

  • the original game
  • CloneCD (free trial)
  • a dvd recorder
  • empty dvd

How to backup your games

To backup your games, you must first get your hands on a Clone CD. This is a powerful tool that allows your computer to copy game discs and can be downloaded from as a free trial. Once you have downloaded the software, install and run it. A screen will appear with 4 lit buttons. Choose the button with 2 CDs on it.

Clicking this button will bring up the “copy on the fly” screen, where you can duplicate a disc in one continuous process. To do this, you must first put the original game disc in the DVD drive so that you can read it. Once this is done, select a write speed of 4X and then click “copy”.

The copy process should not take more than 40 minutes, depending on the speed of your PC. What will happen is that the software will first read the original game disc and then save its content to a blank one, which means that you will have to change the discs in the drive halfway through the copy process. And once CloneCD has copied the data from one drive to another, it should post a success message. This is when you have completed your backup!

How to play your newly backed up games

Playing your games that you just backed up is not as simple as copying them. This is because many of the copyright measures of the latest PC games cannot be copied, which means that in order to play your new game, you will need to make some minor adjustments to your system that are very simple to do.

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