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People renew for all kinds of reasons. Maybe you finally have enough money for the kitchen you’ve wanted since you moved, or you’re realizing you don’t have enough space as it is right now; maybe you’re just looking to add something new and exciting to the house. Whatever the reason, sometimes we undertake a reform knowing that we want to change something, but without always knowing what.

If you need inspiration for ways you can improve your kitchen or unique additions you can make, take a look at some of these kitchen renovation ideas.

Pick a topic

Do you want to see lots of natural wood instead of expensive countertops or maybe you are looking for elegant chrome surfaces instead of vibrant colors? It doesn’t have to be labeled “art deco” or “vintage gothic” to be a theme. Pick a few main colors and materials to focus on throughout the kitchen before you begin and you’ll notice things come alive.

Focus on accessories

People look at accessories more than you might think; Make yours stand out. Don’t just stick with generic cabinet handles and knobs – unique, designer and custom hardware can quickly become the centerpiece of your kitchen and something that really brings your interior design together. Many people spend so much time choosing colors that they never think twice about accessories.

Maximize your use of space

Buy a larger countertop, choose cabinets with bi-fold doors, and choose larger drawers. The amount of space you have in the kitchen becomes incredibly important as soon as you need to use it and is something you may never think about until you do. Leave plenty of room for food preparation and storage and you’ll enjoy your new kitchen so much more.

install an island

Instantly one of the coolest parts of a kitchen that has one, an island is a fantastic addition if you have the space. Prepare food or use it for dining, even hang your pots on it. Make sure you have enough space to achieve the open, relaxed feeling it’s designed for; if not, you might consider an attached breakfast bar as an alternative.

Buy a good countertop

Aside from the color you paint the walls with, the countertop you use will draw the most attention in the room. Marble looks great, there’s a reason it’s so expensive, while wood adds warmth and dark colors with glossy finishes are perfect for a modern looking contemporary kitchen. Make sure you don’t bump into the paint.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon be cooking up a storm in your dream kitchen!

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