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Timothy Ferriss has beaten his body in seeking to overcome “perceived limits” that encompass the dislikes of physical, dietary, chemical and temperature extremities, but how to repair a broken “heart” not to mention the rest of the bag of bones. by Ferriss.

The “4HB” program highlights five treatment regimens that Ferriss said have fixed long-term injuries that many say were permanent, and at the very least, he found that these preferred practices quickly accelerated injury repair.

It also highlights the “4M” that describe its operation for a positive rehabilitation. Movement It is the first port of repair where designated movements are used to alter the posture and actions of the body. The next option is Driving which is the practice of repairing damaged soft tissue by machine or hand instigated pressure. Then we come to Medicine which involves taking chemical concoctions by mouth, application or injection and our last resort is Mechanical which obviously pertains to surgery which in some cases may be a necessity.

The evils of heels

Vanity has often proven to be a costly sin and everyone’s need to look more glamorous and taller has ensured the proliferation of serious general lower / middle back problems throughout the Western world. Whether it’s a man’s business shoe or a woman’s shiny 6-inch “Jimmy Choo,” the human body doesn’t like an unbalanced base. The moral of the Ferris story is to be kind to your spine (which is the centerpiece of your body) and wear shoes that have a consistent sole height from heel to toe.

The Egoscue method

Developed by Peter Egoscue, this posture therapy and pain management philosophy is based on the notion that the human body functions properly when and only when its natural alignment is in place. Given this, “Egoscue” recommends, among other things, numerous “stretches” that promote ideal alignment. The basic stretches are shown below, namely the static back extension, the air bank, the pillow-like shoulder bridge, and the supine progressive groin (lying on your back) with a strange name on the tower, which is known as a stretch that can heal knee pain, open the hip flexors and come back. the pelvis to its correct position. These exercises are static stretches, so you can hold these stretches motionless for 2 to 10 minutes.

Advanced theory of muscle integration

This practice delves into “proprioception”, which deals with the positioning, movements and orientation of the parts of our body. Given this “AMIT” it does not focus specifically on injured joints or muscles, but on the reactivation of isolated muscles and the role of the nervous system in muscle operations. This involves complex concepts and is at the forefront of sports science.

Active release technique (art)

The “art” is a practice that uses manipulation and massage to repair soft tissue injuries and, on a superficial level, appears to be a combination of “high-end” massage and chiropractic skills. It focuses on eradicating scar tissue that builds up around damaged muscles and impedes their ability to operate effectively.


Also known as “regenerative injection therapy”, this title is more representative of what this therapy is about. It consists of injecting non-pharmaceutical agents (usually an aqueous glucose solution) into the damaged ligaments or tendons to make the “irritated” body repair the area more vigorously, promoting the growth of new tissue and subsequently reducing pain. Prolotherapy should not be confused with steroid-based pain relievers used in professional sports.


This is a sophisticated form of acupuncture that uses multiple needles with the subtle difference that a variety of natural, plant-based substances are injected to mitigate a specific inflammation, injury, or disease. These “catalyst cocktails” are said to stimulate the body’s internal healing systems so that the body’s own mechanisms come into play.

As with all health therapy and recovery regimens, don’t take our (or Tim’s) word for gospel, we only present options that Tim has tried and available for your consideration. Get involved in your own in-depth research and decide if these health ideologies are beneficial to you.

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