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Stop working so hard. Once you understand subjective reality, you will understand that you are the only consciousness, just like in a lucid dream. You don’t have to work hard to get what you want. Just do what you want and enjoy what you want to enjoy. This is how you enjoy the flow of abundance.

What is Subjective Reality?

Subjective reality is a point of view that you are the only consciousness and that everyone and everything in your “life” is a projection of your consciousness. Tony Robbins has said that “nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it” for this reason. Steve Pavlina clarifies: “You are the only thinker in this Universe.”

Defenders of objective reality have trouble explaining the Law of Attraction and the “good luck” some people have and the “bad luck” others have. A subjective reality perspective makes it so simple: these are characters you’re exploring and situations you’ve created.

Ho’oponopono insists that you take full responsibility for all conflicts, all illnesses, and everything in your life and consciousness. This only makes sense from a perspective of subjective reality. And, once you do this, you are able to heal the “other people” in your life.

In this sense, there is no point in feeling anger or fear for another person because they are just characters that you have created to experience love or conflict, joy or anguish, boredom or excitement, etc. You are your avatar. You are the character of your own video game. When you want to go to a different area, just go there.

How does the law of attraction fit with subjective reality?

Once we accept Subjective Reality and the idea that we are the sole consciousness responsible for everything in our lives, it is obvious that as soon as we want to change this game, we just have to try and see it done.

In a video game, or in a lucid dream, the changes are almost instantaneous. In the physical reality of the third dimension, things are denser and change takes a little longer. The real slowdown is when we are confused by our ego mind’s belief in objective reality and by some rules we learned as children.

Let go of all the rules. Get ready for the 4th dimension by enjoying the game you created. And, if you’re not currently enjoying it, trade it in for something you’d like better.

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