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Most of the people suffer due to the problem of abdominal fat. This is caused by the visceral fat that exists between the organs of the body. This fat is not built in a single day. It will take months or years to form layer upon layer and make your belly take the shape of a pot. Many people who suffer from this problem do not know how to lose belly fat. They make it difficult for them to sit and stand and affect their daily routine. So losing this fat is very important to regain your sexy look and maintain the health of your body.

Before you start following the tips to lose belly fat, measure your belly so that you can compare your results later. Wrap a tape measure around your stomach, at the level of your belly button, and measure it. For men, you shouldn’t be taller than 40 inches and for women, anything taller than 35 inches is considered unhealthy. Try to maintain the level by correcting your diet and exercise plan.

The best way to lose abdominal fat is to correct the intake of a diet that should contain more amount of protein and less amount of carbohydrates. Everyone wants to have the look of athletes, but they don’t know how to get it easily. There is no magic formula to eliminate fat completely in one day. It takes a lot of patience and commitment to follow the expert’s advice on this. There is no need to get discouraged. You should completely avoid junk foods that stimulate your body to accumulate more fat. Once you stop accumulating more fat, you move towards your goal, losing the fat to get your desired body shape.

Calculate your target caloric intake and reduce it so that it contains less than 500 calories per day. Continued maintenance of calorie intake will make a noticeable difference in your appearance. When the calories you eat are less than the calories you need, to make up the difference, your body would burn the extra fat stored in various parts of the body for energy. Don’t eat too much at one meal. Space out your meals throughout the day. If you are consuming your food three times a day, do it six times. Eat less each time and to compensate eat more times.

Make a list of all the foods you normally eat and find out their caloric content. You can use the free online calorie calculator for this purpose. Then make a list of what you are going to eat next week. Prepare this box so that it contains more protein and fewer calories than before. Simply drawing the graph is not enough. It must be strictly followed. Don’t eat refined grains. Go for whole grains instead, as they help you shed belly fat fast. You must increase the rate of your metabolic process to get the energy needed to avoid fatigue.

Drink at least two liters of water a day. This will help you to overcome the problem of constipation. Difficulty in passing stool will eventually lead to accumulation of fat in your body. But remember to stay away from juices and sodas that are loaded with sugar. Also avoid black tea and coffee. Avocados, nuts, seeds and soybeans contain monounsaturated fats that could prevent the accumulation of both visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Monounsaturated fatty acids are found in olive oil, nuts and seeds such as cashew, peanut, grapeseed oil and soybean oil and are capable of burning more abdominal fat. Avoid fatty meats, baked and fried foods, ice creams, sweets except dark chocolates. It doesn’t mean you should stay away from them completely, but you could take them occasionally. When you do eat them, you should average it out by eating less of the other foods.

Performing aerobic exercises daily for 45 minutes helps you a lot to lose belly fat. But instead of exercising continuously for 45 minutes, you can split it into two schedules. Regular cardio will do everything possible to melt away the fat. Exercise yourself patiently and consider yourself a slim person with a trim belly one day.

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