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boat charter in Croatia

The charterer confirms by his signature on the contract that he has all the necessary sailing, radio, boat charter in Croatia and navigation licenses that are needed to operate the yacht on the open sea as well as in Croatia. If the skipper does not have a valid license he is obliged to hire a licensed captain at his expense. He is also liable for any consequences that might result from false declarations.

The charterer is obliged to treat the yacht and equipment in seamanlike manner and not to give it away. Domestic animals are only allowed with the company’s approval. He is obliged to plan his tour so that he can return the yacht in time, even in bad weather. If he cannot do this he has to inform the base manager immediately. If the charterer does not do this he has to pay double price per day for each additional day of delay.

When cruising in Croatia, be aware of marine protected areas (MPAs) as there are regulations that protect biodiversity and the environment. Be sure to consult your charts and cruising guides for information on the location of MPAs along your route.

A charterer is responsible for obeying all Croatian laws and regulations, including the Navigation Rules. He is also obliged to maintain a proper lookout and give way to vessels constrained by their draft. The charterer is also responsible for adhering to all speed limits, particularly in crowded or restricted areas.

Croatian Law – boat charter in Croatia

If he wishes to leave the Croatian territorial waters, the skipper must call at a port that is open to international traffic, and go through all the necessary formalities. He must then leave the Croatian territorial waters without delay by the shortest possible route. When leaving Croatia by land the charterer is obliged to carry out all the required procedures at border crossings.

The charterer is obliged to provide the chef with a Preference/Provision list before the departure date. The chef will prepare a provisioning schedule for the superyacht charter based on this. This ensures that everything is on board before the charter begins. It is also beneficial to notify the chef of any dietary restrictions or food intolerances in advance. This will help avoid any delays on check in and make your charter more enjoyable for everyone.

Furthermore, a yacht charter can serve as a platform for building stronger relationships and fostering team cohesion. Spending time together in a relaxed and informal setting allows team members to connect on a personal level, strengthen bonds, and build trust and camaraderie. Whether it’s sharing stories over a sunset cocktail or working together to navigate the waters, the shared experience of sailing on a yacht can create lasting memories and solidify team dynamics.

In conclusion, using a yacht charter for a corporate outing or team-building event offers a unique and luxurious alternative to traditional venues. From fostering collaboration and teamwork to creating unforgettable memories, a yacht charter provides the perfect setting for a memorable and rewarding experience that will leave a lasting impression on your team.

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