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The question that came to mind while explaining to a client that her aura was also being cleansed was, “Why is it dirty?”

I am Usui Reiki Ryoho Shihan (master instructor) and practitioner; some should be within inches of the receiving person’s or animal’s body before and after a Reiki healing session.

Removing any inharmonious vibrations that may have attached themselves to the energy field surrounding the life form receiving the session is known as aura cleansing. Usui Reiki flows into the core of any atom that needs it in mind, body, spirit and aura (energy field) to achieve balance and harmony. Because Usui Reiki shines down on us, it also cleanses and balances everything within the aura.

The question above made me realize that the first thoughts that usually come with the words cleaning are those of soap and water or, in some cases, a sprig of white sage. Think for a moment about your physical body and how every day twenty percent of most people’s blood is cleansed by their kidneys without soap or sage. Your kidneys cleansing your blood is a natural function and so is Usui Reiki cleansing your aura if needed. Each removes different harmful substances and both help you be healthier and happier.

You may have read about or experienced how tired and sick a person can feel when their kidneys can’t do the required cleanse. Any negative vibrations that you have picked up can also drag you down. The balance and harmony that comes with Usui Reiki easily removes the negative without soap, water, strange rituals.

Each life form has its own vital energy, Ki/Chi, and an energy field around it that is part of the entire life form. I say life form because people do not have exclusive rights to life force energy or the energy fields commonly called auras. Energy fields can capture various types of energy, some of which can best be considered as pollutants in the air.

Various practices have different procedures for removing such contaminants or getting rid of negative energy that has simply attached itself to a way of life but has not yet settled. With each energetic practice the procedures differ. Having studied various energy practices and the Japanese and Western styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho, I have found that the easiest and most effective way to cleanse is the simple brushing technique that I learned through the Japanese Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai styles. .

For those of you who think scientifically, in the early 1990s, while talking to a Yale University graduate, I realized that the scientific world recognizes the energy fields that surround each of us. I, like many people, have seen auras all my life, so I understand how natural they are. At the same time, different people have a higher awareness in different ways. You may be a person who knows auras in ways other than visually. I have met people who have no sight, but are very aware of auras. Whenever you feel something negative about another person, it could simply be a sign that Usui Reiki’s balance and harmony cleansing would be good for him or her.

Just as those closets in your home need to be cleaned from time to time, it is important to sweep the trash and dust from your entire being, which includes the energy field that surrounds you. The difference is that while the closet can be a big chore, cleaning your aura can be done gently and easily. Aura cleansing, which includes the body’s chakras and light centers, is taught in the first level of styles honoring the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition, and melting away negative karma is usually taught in the third.

Aura cleansing is just one of the things included in the hours of instruction and practice after your path to Usui Reiki (attunement) is opened. Many times in our hectic world we don’t have time for all the study we’d like to do, so it’s easier to get a Reiki healing session where cleansing your aura is just something that happens.

Because negative vibrations are not bacterial, a person might think that they cannot cause any harm. When negative vibrations find a niche in an energy field, they can grow, form a block and attract other negative energies. A person who has negativity with him or her 24/7 is not a good thing. An Usui Reiki Ryoho practitioner or master gently allows Usui Reiki to flow into the recipient’s mind, body, spirit and aura, melting negative vibrations while replacing them with positive universal energy flowing through him or her. she.

You don’t have to worry that having a “dirty” aura will make you a bad person, it’s just that your space is always with you and being in it negatively is something you don’t need.

The chakras are also cleansed without worrying about how much they open or close. One of the best things about receiving a Reiki healing session is that you don’t have to know medical language, or any of the language of new age or complementary medicine. Usui Reiki Ryoho, in whatever style it is practiced, is a complementary healing spiritual practice because it has no negative side effects and positively enhances all other healing modalities.

Aura cleansing is not usually done in conventional medical practice; Hippocrates said: “The doctor treats, but nature cures.” Usui Reiki is a piece of universal energy; universal energy is natural, or is nature.

There are many Usui Reiki Ryoho Shihans, like me, who give guidelines for seeing or feeling auras. If you want to learn the technique, I suggest that you first allow yourself to get into a relaxed state and look over someone else’s head. You may be surprised by the mist you see.

Instead of being annoyed about waiting the next time you’re in a checkout line, look over the heads of the different people in front of you, including the cashier. Don’t force your eyes to look, just relax and let your eyes see what’s there. Different people at different times of the day, or in various phases of their life, expend different amounts of energy, so don’t expect anything or anything. Sometimes a person has so much energy in one area that the colors are so strong that you might think what you’re seeing is something else. I normally see auras as nebulae, but each person sees in their own reality. Seeing auras is the same as practicing Usui Reiki Ryoho in that there are no black and white correct ways for each person to receive or experience the energy. If you see or feel differently from person X, no higher being will be angry with you. Although, if you say that you are seeing or experiencing what you are not a person capable of seeing or feeling auras, etc. he might shake his head at you.

If you have no desire to see or feel auras, that’s fine because I can’t think of any colleges or jobs that require you to do so. When you wonder why you would want to cleanse your aura, remember that your energy field around you is your space and part of you. George Bernard Shaw said, “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.”

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