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Trust us, potty training isn’t really very difficult and stressful when done correctly. There have been cases where even new mothers and single mothers, even without having the father to help around the house, have been able to train their young children in the time of a week or even less. You can do it too. Stay with us and we’ll show you how.

Potty training in small sessions

Many books have been written that suggest that you start potty training in regular sessions. This training method suggests that you will want to train your toddler in the morning and afternoon several times at home. Allow them to go about their normal eating, drinking, and playing activities as they normally do, but sitting in the pot every fifteen minutes. When the session is over, simply put them back in the diaper or their pull ups and continue with your usual activities for the day. If you take them out, have a session as soon as you get home. On the third day, go out for an all-day session. When you leave the house, be sure to carry a potty in your car or only go to places that are likely to have bathrooms for the use of the general public.

Try some naked time

Allow your toddler to do all his activities naked or just put on a t-shirt. Since they are not wearing underwear or diapers, they will not find any place to deposit their stool or pee; They need to put it somewhere, and it would be a good idea to do it on the toilet. When they’re done using the potty, be sure to check them out so you know everything is fine. Help them understand that flushing is very important by pointing them at the swirling water and making them recognize the pleasant whistling sound.

Give them rewards for doing well

Some good prizes for a properly used potty can be head or hand stamps, stickers, bubbles, and even a single piece from M & Ms. You can even go the extra mile and take your toddler to a dollar store. where you can choose the special reward for the good work you have done by spending a full day in dry underwear or staying completely dry overnight. The special food prizes that can be a pizza party for meals or good ice cream or ice cream bars between meals (you can put some gummy bears, sprinkles and cherries in different bowls and have your toddler create the ice cream for their account) are all amazing ideas. However, if you want something that doesn’t cost that much, then you can find any art project that you can do with them as well and they can show it off to others as their prize for using the potty.

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