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You’ve taken the time to decide on the style, design, and finish of your new door handles, installed them, and they look great. Now you want them to look like new, but what is the best way to care for and clean them?

External door handles may need a different type of care and maintenance than those used indoors, however they do not need to be time consuming or expensive to keep on top. The finish of the door handle or door handle will determine the most suitable type of product to keep it clean and functional.

Stainless steel

NEVER use wire wool or carbon steel brushes to clean stainless steel door handles and handles; This can damage the surface and allow particles to embed into the surface and cause rust or other corrosion. Warm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth are all you really need to keep stainless steel clean, and be sure to dry it thoroughly after cleaning to avoid water marks. For stubborn brands, any non-scratch abrasive household cleaner should work – again make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly!

Polished brass

While you may have spent hours helping your grandparents polish the accompanying fireplace set, when it comes to door handles, the best way to keep polished brass door furniture looking shiny It is with plain and simple warm soapy water and a soft cloth. All of the polished brass ranges we supply have been treated with a special lacquer, and the use of metal polishes or other abrasive cleaners will damage this and cause it to wear out much faster than it would in normal use. Eventually, after a few good years of use, this lacquer can crack, at which point you should remove the handle or door handle and treat it with an acetone thinner applied with a soft brush. Dry well with a soft cloth and then buff with a metal polish. Regular polishing thereafter will keep them looking great.


Nice, easy and low maintenance, the best way to keep your chrome handles looking great is to dust them off and quickly wash them with the proven combination of soft cloth and warm soapy water. Make sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards with a lint-free cloth or towel. An occasional swipe with a light oil will also help maintain the appearance of the mangoes. Do not use metal polish or any type of abrasive cleaner.

Old black

Although they are often coated with tough finishes, iron-based products will always be susceptible to rust. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, be sure to remove any harmful deposits that can lead to corrosion and wipe the door handle from time to time with a light oil applied with a soft cloth.

If you can avoid doing the following, it will help to extend the life of your door handles:

  • Do not hang excessive weight from the handle, for example full shopping bags

  • Do not allow children to hang on or play with the handle.

  • Do not use the handle as a doorstop against a wall; it’s much better to install a doorstop to keep the door handle from hitting the wall (you can find some great ones here)

So, to keep door handles, door handles, and door furniture looking new, a few minutes of cleaning and caring every couple of months or so will have a significant impact on long-term maintenance requirements. of their products.

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