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Just because the holidays are slowly but surely coming to an end doesn’t mean you should forget about traveling until next year. Valentine’s Day, spring break, and the infamous summer break are still right around the corner! You have a lot to do from time to time, especially if you plan to take your car instead of just leaving it at homeā€¦and make sure you have an auto insurance policy that will take the leap with you!

If you’re a newcomer to the big, wide, wonderful world of international travel, you probably don’t know that most US auto insurance companies don’t do business internationally. Guess what? Most US auto insurance companies do not do business internationally. That means as soon as you drive, fly or ferry outside of the US, your current auto insurance policy won’t help. Absolutely.

It’s not that insurance companies don’t want to do business abroad. In today’s global economy, the signature of a company that is going to go strong and stay for a while is its ability to do business in the global marketplace. It’s just that between the paperwork, bureaucracy, and currency exchanges, most auto repair shops and local insurers believe that trying to file auto insurance claims across international borders is more of a hassle than you think. okay.

If I had to cut through all that red tape, I probably would too.

The problem is that you don’t want to get caught driving abroad without insurance coverage. Local law enforcement absolutely loves charge tourists with illegal driving practices when they are in their country. (It’s easy money, can you blame them?) You really don’t want to find yourself in a guilty position until proven innocent.

However, getting international car insurance is not as difficult as you might think. The really great thing about living in a global economy is that traveling abroad is not as difficult today as it was a few centuries ago. That means a lot more people are doing it, and insurance providers are racing to keep up!

There are a number of companies that specialize in helping travelers connect with insurers in the countries they’re visiting so they don’t have to travel without coverage. That means all you have to do is pick up the phone and your visit will be pleasant, legal and fully insured.

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