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Why wedding favors?

Don’t underestimate the importance of wedding favors; The tradition of handing out tokens, favours, souvenirs or candy boxes dates back many years. Wedding details are a symbol of the gratitude that the bride and groom feel for sharing one of the most important moments of their lives. Guests appreciate wedding favors – it’s the universal “Thank you for sharing in our day.”

How will your guests remember your wedding apart from all the other weddings they’ve been to? Very simple: with the wedding details that you choose to distribute. Choose a wedding favor that really means something, one that is practical and long-lasting, or one that fits your wedding theme. Do a favor that makes an impression, one that stands out, something absolutely fabulous that won’t break your bank.

Elegant? Only? Fashion? Elegant? Romantic? What is your wedding style?

When choosing your wedding details, they should reflect your personal style. Wedding favors will leave a long-standing impression on your guests, one that will spark fond memories of your blessed union. The favors can be inspired by the season you are getting married in, the setting, the theme, your obsessions or passions. Whether you’re planning a tropical beach wedding, have a passion for baking, expect snowflakes on your special day, or are crazy about chocolate truffles, your favors should inspire you and fit your style.

Begin your search for the perfect wedding favor by browsing magazines, websites, specialty stores, chocolatiers, gift shops, and stationery boutiques. Gather ideas for not only the wedding favors, but also how you would package and display them. Look for items outside of the norm of favors, something that you would love to receive.

Is your wedding focused on a specific color? Colored candies in cans, personalized with your names and date. A colored or scented candle to match your theme. Does your wedding revolve around a certain flower? Give ready-to-plant miniature pots from a flower garden supply store. Is the wine constantly flowing, martinis on trend, or a cocktail reception? Wine, wine charms, wine stoppers, martini glasses filled with custom cocktail mixes and wrapped stirrers, coasters and other barware-inspired gifts. Is Las Vegas or Atlantic City your favorite pastime? Offer casino-inspired favors: playing cards, custom chips, lucky blessing ring charms.

Thankfully, unlike the old days, brides aren’t limited to just candy and almonds as their wedding favors. Wedding specialists continually design new ideas as wedding favor trends change seasonally and yearly. The professionals have devised thematic wedding favors that are modern, elegant, stylish, but above all affordable.

Who gets the wedding favors?

When the decision on the type of wedding favors to receive is finally made, the next dilemma faced is whether each person should receive one favor each or if one favor should be given per couple. A good rule of thumb is one wedding favor per couple (or family) or per individual guest; or if your budget allows, one wedding favor per guest. If you are concerned that a couple will receive two of the same wedding gifts, you may want to purchase two different wedding gifts (such as two different style wine stoppers).

How to pack your wedding favors

The way you package your favors is just as important as the type of favor you give. From pretty boxes to clear cellophane bags, groomsmen boxes, tiny tin buckets, organza and tulle, handmade papers, colored raffia, a bride’s options are not limited. Check your local craft, stationery, or fabric stores for some ideas.

Seal your favors in the packages by enclosing small pewter thank you tokens or blessing rings. Attach a poem or thank you card. Add a keepsake monogram, decal, or tag. Once completed, your favor must be neatly wrapped to be presented.

Present and distribute your wedding favors

How is each favor displayed and distributed?

The most popular way to hand out wedding gifts is to display them at each venue, if you are giving one wedding gift per person. If you are planning a wedding gift for a couple, you can place the wedding gift between your place settings and directly in front of the place settings for single guests. The favors can also be used to hold the place cards. Simply attach a ribbon or pin to your favors and place the cards and place them on the place card table; all single or couple guests are guaranteed to receive a favor that way.

Another option is to create a wedding centerpiece in the middle of each table. With such pretty packaging available today, you can design a centerpiece that stands out! Or you can create a table of favors near the door that allows each guest to take one when they leave. Please join us.” But remember when you do this; some guests may take more than one!

Another idea is to dole out the favors yourself as you work in the room and greet your guests. If that’s too much for a company, waiters can present favors on silver-lined trays to each table during the dessert course.

wedding favor cost

Favors can cost less than a dollar up to double digits please. If you want to give more expensive favors, you can present one wedding favor per couple and attach a personalized thank you tag (Mr. and Mrs. Doe, Thank you for sharing in our day. Love, Mr. and Mrs. Newlyweds”) and leave it among your silverware on the table. The favors are worth the price – remember that guests expect to receive them. If you plan to spend a certain amount on your favors, make sure they are functional, fun, meaningful, and don’t get left behind. Not “cheap” in your favours: guest MUST pay attention when done by a bride Spend what you can afford, and give something you would like to receive.

Two Hearts Wedding Favors strives to provide a wide variety of favors, from inexpensive to expensive, something to suit every bride’s needs. For more wedding favor ideas, check out our best selling wedding favors

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