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Pergo is to flooring what Wedgewood is to China wear. It is a mark of quality, a guarantee of a standard that other competitors aspire to achieve. As the inventor and innovator of laminate flooring, it’s fair to say that they are the experts when it comes to vinyl flooring.

It is often said that a movie sequel is never as good as the original and the same can be said for Pergo when it comes to vinyl flooring. They did it first and continue to do it better, with their stunning designs inspired by leather, slate and wood.

Now, thanks to the latest technology, all Pergo vinyl floors have rich textures that create life, such as leather, wood or stone prints. Using an embossing technique that creates a surface texture that follows every nuance of the wood, a warm and welcoming atmosphere is created.

This technology allows Pergo to create literally any look you could want for your home, from stone slabs in the kitchen to classic traditional oak throughout, or a fresh leather look for a modern living room – anything is possible with Pergo floors. Pergo vinyl.

With fourteen flooring options to choose from, there will be a style to suit any home, and there is no better way to update and refresh a home than to lay down flooring and create a fresh new look.

If you love the look and style of a vinyl floor, but can’t afford the labor costs or hassle of renovating your home, don’t worry: with Pergo’s patented PerfectFold installation system, simply fold the ground in place. It’s a click joint plank format, so the whole process is even cheaper because anyone can lay the floor themselves and no one has to miss out on a stunning new look for their home. You can get that soft vinyl feel for your home in a straightforward and easy way.

When it comes to maintaining your fabulous floor, Pergo has taken into account the fact that floors need to be durable for everyday use. All of their floors have surface wear protection, which is an additional layer of polyurethane, which also allows for easy maintenance when it comes to cleaning. The flooring is also waterproof and fireproof and has a solid click joint design to prevent dirt from penetrating the joint.

Another development of Pergo flooring is the compact SoundBloc which attaches to all floors and not only absorbs sound but also makes the floors especially comfortable to walk on. It is impact resistant and protects your foot from possible damage.

In short, Pergo laminate flooring offers stunning designs combined with the latest technology to create an easy-to-maintain and easy-to-lay floor that cuts costs but not style.

This is an effective way to give your home a custom designer look for a fraction of the price. Your flat will look expensive and only your bank balance will know the truth.

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