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Noise Regulations in Student Housing

Newcastle is a bustling northern city with two universities located in the heart of the city and surrounded by student accommodation. It is known for its vibrant social scene made famous by the TV show Geordie Shore and has plenty of cultural highlights including museums, breweries, and a dedicated Creative Quarter. With all this, it is no wonder that student accommodation in Newcastle is a popular choice for students.

While the majority of students are considerate of their neighbours, there are occasions when complaints about noise arise from forgetful behaviour and not being respectful to those around them. This is why it’s important to follow the regulations in place to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience living in Newcastle student accommodation.

Noise regulations in student housing are covered by a variety of legislation, including statutory nuisance (noise affecting health or well-being), the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Noise Act 1996 (noise between 11pm and 7am). There is also a Code of Conduct for Student Accommodation in Newcastle which outlines standards for students to follow when it comes to their behaviour and interactions with their neighbours.

Noise Regulations in Student Housing – Newcastle student accommodation

In the event that you do have a noisy neighbour, the police can be contacted on 101, or 999 for emergencies. A police officer will investigate and make contact with the resident to warn them about their noise levels, giving them 28 days to comply with the regulations. If they do not, they will be issued with a fixed penalty fine.

You can also report your concerns to the council via the Your Local Services website, which has a number of different topics, including noise. Alternatively, you can call the Newcastle student accommodation Helpline on 0191 283 8000 during office hours and ask for “noise”. Your complaint will be logged and investigated.

The student accommodation in Newcastle is available in a range of prices, sizes and styles to suit any preference. There is a wide selection of shared houses and flats in the city, as well as private student accommodation in the form of studios or one bedroom apartments for those who prefer more privacy.

University halls of residence, commonly known as dormitories or college hostels, are a traditional option for first-year students. These accommodations are typically located on or near campus and offer a sense of community as students share living spaces. University halls provide opportunities for socializing, making friends, and participating in campus activities, creating a well-rounded university experience.

Aside from the excellent selection of student homes in Newcastle, there are also a range of transport options to get you around. Buses are cheap and regular, with most operators offering a contactless system that makes it easy to use. The Metro is another option and can take you to Gateshead, as well as across the city centre. If you want to go further afield, the Tyne Valley has loads of train stations that connect with the rest of the UK.

If you’re looking for a quiet area to live in, head to Gosforth, which has lots of large terraced houses and is cheaper than other parts of the city. It is less than a 20-minute walk to Newcastle University and offers great views over the town, and is also close to a range of shops and restaurants. The leafy neighbourhood of Sandyford is also home to a selection of student flats and is less than a 15-minute walk to the city centre.

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