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Men’s skin is naturally oily, and therefore men’s facial skin is highly susceptible to various types of blemishes. These spots usually appear due to tanning, excess oily skin and acne. Facial skin blemishes affect the majority of young men and more than 75% of adolescent boys worldwide. Acne and skin blemishes typically last until men reach their twenties, but for many it lasts even longer. These pimples and unsightly blemishes on the skin are usually due to improper skin care during adolescence and one of the mistakes that adolescent boys often make is improper cleaning. To prevent suntan and acne, there are several simple preventative steps that can be taken and one of the most important is to regularly use the best face wash for men like Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash.
The main reasons that cause facial acne and tan
 Overexposure to the sun’s rays: One of the main reasons for men’s skin tanning is overexposure to the sun for long hours. This may be due to the nature of your job or for any other reason. The UV rays of the sun to which the skin is exposed considerably damage the skin and cause tanning.
 Excessive sebum secretion: Sebum is the oil naturally produced by the sebaceous glands present under the skin. The sebaceous glands are sensitive to the male hormone testosterone within normal levels. Boys in their teens typically produce the highest levels of testosterone at the times of puberty leading to excessive oil production. Therefore, children in their teens are often the ones who suffer most from acne and skin blemishes.
 Letting bacteria into the skin: For teens who are vulnerable to pimples and blemishes, there is a buildup of dead skin cells and oil in the skin pores. This creates an optimal condition for Propionibacterium to grow and thrive. This, in turn, triggers inflammation in the facial skin that results in red, pus-filled bumps on the skin. Aside from these particular hormonal causes, there are also various lifestyle and genetic factors that play a role in the formation of acne in men.
 Accumulation of dead skin cells in the skin pores: With increasing age, the dead skin cells shed from your body and eventually come into contact with the sebum which ultimately gets trapped in the skin pores. This leads to the formation of spots on the facial skin.
 Shaving – Many men do not take care of their razors and sometimes end up shaving with dull razors. The use of dull razors, poor quality shaving gel, and poor shaving technique all lead to facial skin irritation and breakouts.
 Genetics: facial skin blemishes and acne may appear due to genes inherited from parents. Those whose parents had acne and skin blemishes are more likely to suffer from the same skin problem.

How to create an ideal skincare regimen to get rid of facial acne and suntan?
You should opt to use the best face wash for oily skin like Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash available in the market today that would prevent and soothe blemishes. Using these best face washes for men goes a long way in preventing blemishes. Here are some of the most helpful tips for men that would help them keep tan and acne at bay.
1. First of all, you need to cleanse your oily skin very thoroughly twice a day with an effective facial cleansing wash. You should make this a regular skincare regimen that will eventually leave your skin feeling revitalized and healthy.
2. Once you have cleaned your face with a cleanser, you should use a toner that will help close the pores of the skin. One important thing to keep in mind is that the toner you choose should be formulated for sensitive skin so that there is no chance of your skin getting irritated under any circumstances.
3. Once you’ve used a toner, apply a moisturizer that soothes and repairs all of your skin’s barriers.
4. As men’s skin is about 30% tougher than women’s, it is highly necessary to use an exfoliator like Whiskers Walnut Shell Powder Face Scrub which helps prevent dead skin cells from forming. accumulate and block the pores of the skin.
5. You should also avoid using hair styling products that are greasy as they often slide down the facial skin and get trapped in the pores of the skin.
6. In case you notice tan and pimples on your chest and back, you must necessarily use a body wash or shower gel that contains rich ingredients like salicylic acid.
7. You should also shower as soon as possible after your exercise session, as sweaty skin increases the chances of bacterial growth on the skin. You should also make sure to remove all gym clothes as soon as possible and wash them thoroughly before wearing them again.
8. In case you sweat more than usual, you should always carry a spare shirt so you can change once your clothes are wet due to heavy perspiration.
9. You should change the razor blade at regular intervals in case you have shaving problems. In such cases, you should also avoid shaving too often and too close.
10. Whenever you have acne/pimples, under no circumstances should you scratch or pick at your pimples. This leads to an even worse outcome as inflammation increases and at the same time scarring occurs.
Following the above skin care tips and using Whiskers Charcoal Face Wash regularly would help you remove blackheads, impurities, excess sebum and sunburn from your skin and give you that much desired glow on your skin. Use the best face wash for men and watch it give you back the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.
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