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What is Ethos For Earth Fuel Reformulator? Is a gotcha? How does it improve gas mileage and is Ethos FR a safe fuel additive?

As the cost of filling a gas tank becomes more expensive, many savvy motorists have started using alternative fuel additives to save gas and increase gas mileage. And one of those popular gas additives that is getting a lot of attention is the Ethos Fuel Reformulator.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator – What is it?

Ethos Fuel Reformulator, also known as Ethos FR or Ethos For Earth, is a non-petroleum-based engine lubricant and fuel additive that reduces emissions, increases gas mileage, and prolongs the life and engine performance of the vehicles. The product is 100% natural and works efficiently with any gas or diesel car, truck, bus, boat, train and generator.

Why do some people call Ethos Fuel Reformulator a scam?

First of all, Ethos FR is the first “fuel reformulator” with a proven 10-year track record and is already being used by governments and commercial fleets around the world. However, in 2006, Ethos Environmental began marketing its addictive fuel through multi-level marketing with a partner company, 4-E Corporation. That promotion strategy generated a lot of publicity for both the company and the product. Unfortunately, as with any company employing MLM techniques to promote their products, that caused some skeptics to dismiss Ethos fuel as a hoax or scam without even trying it personally.

However, aside from the few skeptics who called the Ethos fuel additive a scam, there has been no bad news from the population using Ethos FR. In fact, many people who have ever used Ethos fuel reported a significant improvement in gas mileage and savings of up to 19% on their gas bill.

How does Ethos FR improve gas mileage?

Ethos Fuel Reformulator, a unique combination of high quality, non-toxic esters, cleans and lubricates internal engine parts. Ethos FR treated engines run with less friction, heat and noise. Eliminate CO emissions (helping the environment) by burning fuel more completely and efficiently.

When fuel is burned more efficiently and completely, the engine delivers more power and better mileage from each tank, improving your MPG (causing you to use less gas and therefore buy less), and puts money back in your pocket by making the fuel in your tank last longer.

Is Ethos FR safe?

EPA registered and road tested since 1997, Ethos FR is not only a cost effective fuel reformulator, it is also an efficient and safe solution to help industry comply with environmental regulations and alleviate high fuel prices. .

Unlike other forms of fuel enhancement products, Ethos Fuel Reformulator FR is not petroleum based. It is a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous fuel reformulator that naturally and safely lubricates internal engine parts to help increase the engine’s ability to break down fuel. That means there are naturally fewer by-products after the combustion process is complete. With less waste, there is less carbon in the air, which is better and safer for both humans and the environment.

Simply put, the benefits of this safe, non-toxic fuel reformulator are numerous and proven through tests and testimonials, making it an excellent fuel-saving product for both individual consumers and commercial fleets.

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