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If having a computer that is capable of multitasking is important to you, then you might be interested in the Acer Aspire T3 AT3-715A-UR12. It offers the power that desktop computers are known for, with enough versatility that you can easily change or upgrade components. Its appearance is clean and elegant, but not too flashy. There is enough graphics and processor power to run many games on high settings.

An interesting feature of the Aspire T3 is its smart wireless charging system, which is built into the top cover. If you have any technology-enabled devices, such as newer smartphone models, simply place it on the tower and pick it up after it’s charged. For devices that require wired charging, there are a variety of USB ports, including those with USB 3.0 technology, which is ten times faster than USB 2.0 technology.

Have the PC equipped with the 6th generation Intel Core processor of your choice, up to an i7 model with a speed of 3.40GHz. There is room for a dedicated video card and the starting configuration includes an AMD Radeon RX (480) card with a memory capacity of 4GB. Play all your favorite games smoothly without having to worry about lag or disconnections. No need to use system memory to run your favorite games and multimedia processes.

Speaking of which, there is a standard memory of 16 GB with the Acer Aspire T3 AT3-715A-UR12, which can be easily upgraded to 64 GB. All of your RAM needs will be taken care of for the next five years or so.

Storage options for Acer Aspire T3 AT3-715A-UR12

Storage won’t be a concern either, as you get at least 2TB of storage space on the Serial ATA/300 drive. A DVD burner optical drive is also included for backing up your shows, movies, files, CDs , etc. favourites. Upgrade your storage if you need more than a 2TB hard drive, though that’s certainly more than enough for most users. Go all the way up to 3TB and add a solid state drive if you need one.

The machine has more than just useful internals – the outside is nice too. It looks stylish in any work area or room. Not only are there attractive visuals, the tower also comes with essential ports and connectivity. As mentioned above, it comes with a variety of USB ports (8 total). You also get RJ-45, HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort technology.

The Acer Aspire T3 AT3-715A-UR12 offers a lot of performance and value for its price, and you can even get it at a discount price if you order online.

It is very important to check the Acer Aspire T3 AT3-715A-UR12 promo code or coupon before using it to make sure it hasn’t expired yet. Make sure you get all your Acer discounts through a reliable and trustworthy source.

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