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Of all the hundreds of ingenious business ideas, systems and inventions that I have seen and used … this simple idea is by far the best of the best. An idea with a “loophole” that I can use to my advantage.

And one you can use too …

It is worth tens of thousands of dollars to you if you use it.

In fact, this loophole makes it possible and 100% legal to use counterfeit money, as useless in the “real world” as Monopoly money, to buy real products and services for your business (even high-quality products and services that cost a fortune) for just 20 cents or less.

In other words …

If something you want for your business sells for $ 100, you get it for just $ 20.

If something for your business sells for $ 1,000, you get it for $ 200.

If something for your business sells for $ 20,000, you get it for just $ 2,000.

And so on.

By using this loophole, you too can buy the things you need at a fraction of the price. This is a savings of thousands of dollars, just using a simple idea … The barter system.

Barter is a multi-billion dollar global industry in which literally every type of business you can think of, in almost every industrialized country in the world, operates in a large network called “barter.” These exchanges are huge shopping clubs, where all the different member companies are automatically inclined to buy from each other.

And this is the interesting thing:

These businesses do not buy and sell each other with regular money “circulated by the government.”

Instead, they use “trade credits,” which are real currency, just like a US dollar bill is currency, but can only be spent within the barter club.

So it’s like a giant “Monopoly” game. You can only spend Monopoly money within the game. But out of the game …

It is completely useless.

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