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Lower your monthly entertainment bill by getting your fill of movies and TV shows from streaming media players or an HD antenna. Here are five great alternatives to your expensive cable or satellite TV subscription.

HD antenna

An HDTV antenna gives you access to free broadcast channels in your area, so you can watch them on your digital TV. Choose from a wide selection of HD antennas, from indoor to bulky ceiling-mounted types. Prices vary depending on the type and model of antenna. Check for channels that are available in your location. It also gives you the direction of the antenna to capture the available broadcast channels you want to watch.


You don’t have to skimp on the number of broadcast channels when you finally cut ties with your cable or satellite provider. The popular Roku video streaming device gives you access to over 750 streaming channels. Roku’s streaming device is priced at $ 49.99. The newest incarnation of the streaming media player, Roku 3, is equipped with expandable memory and enables Ethernet connection. Roku 3 costs $ 99.99.


The $ 35 Google Media Streaming Device can be connected to the HDMI port of your computer or TV monitor. Chromecast casts a full 1080p screen and works with many devices, such as PCs and Macs, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. When you connect the Chrome OS version of Chromecast to your home Wi-Fi network or your TV, you can view multimedia content through your mobile device on any available HDMI TV.

ASUS Cube with Google TV

Priced at $ 111.99, the ASUS Cube is a good investment for your wireless entertainment needs. If you already own or prefer Google TV, then the sleek and futuristic-looking ASUS Cube is a sensible addition to your multimedia viewing routine. Giving you access to multimedia content on multiple devices, ASUS Cube comes with a personalized user interface with a convenient voice-enabled search function, as well as 50GB of web file storage plus a two-sided universal remote with sensors. movement and a microphone.

Apple tv

If you are an Apple fan or an avid iTunes user, you may want to consider Apple TV as a viable alternative for streaming multimedia content. For a price of $ 99, Apple TV streams multimedia content from popular outlets like HBO Go, Hulu, and Netflix. And with AirPlay Mirroring on your Apple TV, you can simultaneously stream web-based videos on your iOS device.

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