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A place becomes famous on its own

A city receives its label when it is known

Places are places because of their identity

They require nothing more than your individuality.

– Maxwell Fry

A famous British journalist once asked: “Did India become great because of Gandhi or did Gandhi become great because of India?” To paraphrase your question: ‘Does Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi become significant due to Pin Code 110037 or is it the other way around?’

An airport, which is also an airport in the capital of the country, has an independent meaning that is free from peripheral additions such as Pin Code, important as it is (Pin Code). IGIA in Delhi is independently so important that you do not need anything else to support or shore up its enviable status. At least in this aspect, the PIN code 110037 takes a back seat, although it can be said that Delhi-37 becomes known for the international airport.

Does the Windsor Palace in London need some other landmark or hallmark for its existence? Does the University of Oxford require an additional identity for its presence? Does the White House need some other milestone also to underline its position? Does Howrah require a separate PIN code or does it have to be tied to the strings of the Calcutta apron (ugh, Kolkata!)? The independent places are enough to fend for themselves. The same applies to Delhi airport, for which 110037 is relegated to a mere number in the list of PIN codes in Delhi.

Just for official formality, this PIN code exists; otherwise, there was a proposal in 2007 to remove 110037 as the Delhi airport PIN code. That has not been done so far for reasons best known to officials and the existing system.

IG is easily the best international airport in the country. Those who have traveled abroad and seen JFK Airport in New York, Tokyo International Airport, Heathrow (London), Getwick (London), Dubai International Airport, to name just a few, will admit that IG is on par. with the best. Top-notch airports in all respects.

The structural grandeur, sprawling configuration, and mind-blowing facilities, coupled with connectivity, make it the best airport in India, if not the best in the world. It is one of the best airports in the world and the very mention of Delhi-37 evokes the great images of this superlative airport.

In addition, being the airport of the capital, the Ministry of Aviation ensures that it continues to improve and that its facilities remain world-class. After all, an international airport reflects the image of the country and when it is located in the country’s capital, it has to be the best of all international standards and parameters. And the Delhi IG has proven it. Just think, when it was Palam airport until a few decades ago, the town of Palam on the outskirts of Delhi was known for the airport.

Today, it’s still there, but the new outfit has given IG its own identity and that’s free from the Palam Village frills and vice versa.

These are broad examples of the landmark of a city, growing and becoming famous on its own without other crutches for support.

Today, IG stands on its own and while Pin Code-37 lends a hand, it becomes redundant on many occasions and it counts.

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